White Hibiscus and Medinilla

I bought this stunning, very white, hibiscus Full Moon from Mac at Subtropicals recently. It will probably be too big eventually for the courtyard but it fills a gap while everything else is growing. As is the promiscuous seeding Impatiens balfourii which I have been warned about but it is easily pulled out if it gets out of hand and dies down in the winter.

Full Moon Hibiscus and Impatiens balfourii

The cerise vireya is Merlot and unusual colour which co-ordinates very well with the Medinilla which is flowering for the first time. They get very little sun in this site and are very sheltered although the Medinilla lost a major branch in the spring with the vicious south westerly winds which caused unpleasant swirling gusts even in the courtyard.

Vireya Merlot and medinilla

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