Leucospernum Ground Cover

Leucospernum prostratum

As you walk up our drive a strong, sweet scent wafts by. It is quite surprising to find it comes from this ground covering Leucospernum. I have always called it L. prostratum but this particular plant was sold as L.heterophyllum. I have no idea which is correct. The flowers change colour as they age from yellow to orange so that the plant is always covered in multi coloured flowers. I’ve found it a bit temperamental but this one is looking happy.

Leucospernum prostratum

Iris japonica


This evergreen iris, commonly called the fringed iris, makes a good ground cover in a shady, moist spot. Very tolerant and, even when it is not covered in these long flower stalks, looks a pleasant, shiny, green mass. The numerous buds  open in succession over a long time.