Looking down the steps

These steps have been planned for a while. This week they happened. The main reason for replacing the narrow, steep grass path here was to install a drainage system underneath them. The storm water from our neighbour above rushed down the slope, scouring out the garden and killing off several plants that couldn’t cope with the boggy conditions.

Looking up the steps

Jason designed these steps and Ryan built them. We have already had heavy rain and can see the water rushing, as planned, out at the base of the steps and over the lawn, down to the pond.

Water gushing from pipe
Capturing the flood

Walking up the steps is pleasure compared to the slippery grass path which was difficult to mow.

Ducklings Again

paradise ducklings

The Paradise duck has returned with her brood again this year after quite an adventure. She had obviously nested in the forest, behind the dog proof fence. Ok for her who could fly out, but her ducklings became trapped. We found her running up and down the fence with her 9 ducklings. We spent some time wondering how we could help the situation but it seemed impossible unless she worked out that she and her brood could use the culvert pipes under the walkway beside the fence to escape. This went on for at least a day and half with both parents coming together regularly on our lawn making loud, anxious noises. Suddenly late afternoon yesterday there were more loud noises and we saw the whole family swimming happily in the dam. We will never know how she managed to extricate her babies from behind the fence but they are here now and very happily gorging themselves on whatever ducks eat in ponds and from pasture.

paradise ducks

Winter Wet

It’s a while since I’ve done a blog. It has been very wet, although not very cold, we have had covid and somehow the garden hasn’t been very inviting. However there is a lot of colour out there so when the sun does come out it looks good from the house.


This morning we had another downpour, after we’d thrown out 54mm from the rain gauge for the previous 24 hours. Water gushed everywhere but suddenly it was all over and the sun came out. It is always quite startling in Northland how brilliant the colours can be even in midwinter. That brilliant green! The water was still gushing of course. We do get a lot coming onto our property from neighbours including the forest. You can see it rushing down to the pond and then on down the swale and back into the bush at the end of our property, all sparkling in the bright sun.

The water is sheeting across the grass from the bush into the swale drain. The white plastic box on the fence is a rabbit bait station. I am keeping bait in the four we have at the moment because we are seeing rabbits again.

Winter Wet

There are some ducks on the pond.