We’ve sold our farm! After 36 years on this property living in three different houses and running three different businesses we are moving. It’s all age related of course. 135 acres (52ha) of hilly pasture and bush takes some managing to keep in tip top order and my garden is more than I can manage alone as I reach my late 70s. Of course we could get help but we enjoy doing it ourselves so here we go off to a new start.

We have bought just under 4 acres (1.5ha) in a subdivision 4km from Kamo, a suburb of Whangarei. Driving through extensively stone walled country we are just off the volcanic soil, over the stream at the edge of the lava flow and bounding the very large Pukenui forest.

We took a long time choosing this piece of land. We had several criteria for our move. It had to be as close or closer to Whangarei than our present place which is 22 kms. It had to be large enough for Roger to have a big shed and me to have a reasonable sized garden —that’s an imprecise definition! Roger wanted ½ an acre of lawn to mow. We wanted some privacy. We hoped for a sea view but that was one thing we found very difficult to achieve along with the other demands.

1IMG_3518 (Large)

Here is a photo of the section. No sea views but a peaceful vista down to a good stand of kahikateas and sheltered from the south and south west by the Pukenui Forest. This forest has been pest controlled for ten years and has extensive walkways through it.