Orchid collection

There is a rush of orchid flowering in the courtyard at the moment. The small white slipper orchid is Paphiopedilum Phips. I bought it as a pot plant last winter so am delighted it has settled in outside and has two flowers on one stem and another stem appearing. The purple flowers on the right is Sobralia macranthus x violacea (what a mouthful!). It flowers intermittently over several months. The white Cattleya is the same one I posted in March – “Angel Wings”. This is a different plant which has another 3 stems coming. It is well worth growing—seems to be trouble free other than slugs and snails which love all succulent new growths and buds. The orchid in the punga is Maxillaria grandiflora. The pink is a small Cattelya and since this photo was taken there are more Paphs out and a Zygapetalum.

Courtyard Fence

The courtyard fence is constructed with hard wood posts concreted in, two pine 6×1 railings with old totara battens from the farm screwed on. There are two gates of similar construction still to come. This will make a good visual and animal barrier between the “working” yard with its constant coming and going of combustion engines and the peace and welcome through the gates.