White Waratah


This Telopea “Bridal Gown” was planted three and half years ago. It has flowered every year, sometimes twice. The flowers keep well in a vase and I have harvested them quite hard to keep the bush more compact. It’s getting out of reach now!

The yellow Leucospernum in front of the waratah is “High Gold” and it has performed just as well. The blue/mauve flowers are Heliotropium commonly called “Cherry Pie”. It flowers non–stop and has been cut back several times already. It has a haunting perfume.

Leucospernum Ground Cover

Leucospernum prostratum

As you walk up our drive a strong, sweet scent wafts by. It is quite surprising to find it comes from this ground covering Leucospernum. I have always called it L. prostratum but this particular plant was sold as L.heterophyllum. I have no idea which is correct. The flowers change colour as they age from yellow to orange so that the plant is always covered in multi coloured flowers. I’ve found it a bit temperamental but this one is looking happy.

Leucospernum prostratum