Our arborists paid us a visit last week. They were here for 1.5 hours and achieved a huge amount.

We had three trees blow down in the gale the previous week and I had been on the verge of getting the guys in to prune some of the fast growing evergreens we had planted for screening, especially the ash (Fraxinus griffithii) which were very dense at the base and crowding out the shrubs, bulbs and perennials I had planted nearby.

Glenn Taylor Treework on the job

The best thing is getting all that chip left behind. The initial bark mulch we put on the beds when we first planted about three years ago has become quite thin in places and we have new plantings which have never been mulched so this pile will be used up quickly. It needs to stand for a few weeks to compost but anyway it is too wet to drive the tractor around on the grass at the moment.

Chip Mulch