Vireya Rhododendrons

Vireya Rhododendron
Marshall Pierson Madison

I grow a lot of Vireyas. They are temperamental plants, prone to sudden death. Generally this is caused by Phytophthora soil born diseases which is helped in its destructive action by excess moisture which is a bit hard to avoid in Northland. However many varieties seem to be much less susceptible than others and I have many growing well and flowering brilliantly. Here is “Marshal Pierce Madison”, grown from cutting, flowering for the first time – you can see two more fat buds ready to take the place of this huge scented flower when it falls. It makes persevering with these tricky plants worthwhile.

French Vanilla

Although I do feel very sad when I see this good sized “French Vanilla” dying. As soon as the leaves start drooping slightly you know there is no going back. This plant has flowered several times in the last three years and has made considerable growth – how dare it die! Covered in buds too!

Spraying with Foscheck is said to help stop the spread of phytophthora root rots. Perhaps I left my spraying a little late this autumn.