Ducklings Again

paradise ducklings

The Paradise duck has returned with her brood again this year after quite an adventure. She had obviously nested in the forest, behind the dog proof fence. Ok for her who could fly out, but her ducklings became trapped. We found her running up and down the fence with her 9 ducklings. We spent some time wondering how we could help the situation but it seemed impossible unless she worked out that she and her brood could use the culvert pipes under the walkway beside the fence to escape. This went on for at least a day and half with both parents coming together regularly on our lawn making loud, anxious noises. Suddenly late afternoon yesterday there were more loud noises and we saw the whole family swimming happily in the dam. We will never know how she managed to extricate her babies from behind the fence but they are here now and very happily gorging themselves on whatever ducks eat in ponds and from pasture.

paradise ducks

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