Animal Pests


The realisation that we have probably spent $500 in the last 12 months on pindone bait for rabbit control is quite shocking. Rabbits have caused a big loss of plants and it’s not only the bait that has cost us. Protective devices such as netting and plastic sleeves have had to be erected around every tree we have planted. Some plants are just not practicable to protect like this. We started off shooting but combined with small area in which it is safe to shoot here and the numbers of rabbits that was never going to be a long term solution. The poisoning does work but is expensive. No sooner do we get on top of the rabbits than more come in from the surrounding areas.

The wire cover over the bait stations is to stop the pukekos stealing all the bait. It doesn’t seem to have any effect on them.


Pukekos themselves are very destructive. Here I have added some netting to this pipe to stop the Pukekos standing top of the freshly planted succulent. Pulling out new plantings is Pukekos favourite occupation. They pull them out and leave them to bake in the sun. Infuriating!

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